• Visitors


Dr. Bikash from Kathmandu university, Nepal
26 October 2010

Dr. Biraj from Dhulikhel Hospital, Kathmandu University, Nepal
20 August 2010

Exchange students from Japan and Netherland (FIMSA)
House dust mite research and Filarial Research Training course For Exchanged medical students from Japan and Netherland
2 - 31 August 2010


Prof.Brian Forschler, Georgia University, USA
19 November 2009

3 November 2009


Dr. Hanson and Josie from the Philippines


Dr. Nagrenda Prasad, Dr Kathuria from India
27 November 2007

Visitors from Japan
29 March 2007

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tomoaki Matsumoto, Department of Child Development, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Kumamoto University, Japan
2 - 9 February 2007


Dr. Osman Yusuf, Pakistan
1 August 2006


Prof. Alan Kaplan, USA
4 October 2005

Dr. Iris Rengganis from Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia
12 May 2005

Dr. JAE-Won Oh from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
Dr. JAE-Ho Lee from Department of Pediatrics, Clunan National University
Park Seok-won from IAMBio Company
21 February 2005

Prof. Somei Kojima University of Tokyo
Prof. Hiroshi Ohtomo Jikei University School of Medicine
Prof. Koji Yoshikawa Division of Infectious Diseases and Infectious Control, Jikei University Hospital, Japan
15 February 2005

Prof. Custovic A. from North West Lung Centre, University of Manchester, UK
Dr. Estelle Simons Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba
Professor Paul Potter - Director of the Allergology, Diagnostic and Clinical Research Unit (ADCRU) of the University of Cape Town Lung Institute
4 February 2005

Dr. Suprihati from Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University
Dr. Nina Irawati from Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia
Dr. Niken L. Poerbonegoro from Cipto Manngunkusumo Hospital visited SDMC
26 January 2005

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