• Services

We have attempted to provide assistance on all aspects related to dust mites. These services range from the basic education of the biology and life cycles of dust mites to the mass production of culture-free mites for research to testing the penetrability of experimental fabrics and the measurement of allergens in aliquots of household dust. In addition, we also are available for contract research dealing with dust mite aspect.

Anti-Mite Fabric Testing

Testing the efficacy of mite-proof covers, anti-mite coated fabrics and all type of encasing materials.

Testing of Acaricidal Activity

Testing the efficiency of anti-mite agents including synthetic chemicals and natural herb products.

Dust Analysis

Determining the allergen concentrations of house dust samples.

Cultivation of House Dust Mites and Pure Mite Production

Producing lyophilized mites for research and vaccine production.

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