• Cultivation of House Dust Mites and Pure Mite Production

The cultivation of dust and storage mites is a crucial element in maintaining a healthy and viable colony. These mites may be used as a source of raw material for the development of a mite vaccine. For instance, our monospecies, are 95 to 99+% pure, and may be coveted by scientists for different kinds of immunological or molecular (RNA/DNA) research, not the least of which is for skin testing with mite allergenic extracts.

At present, we maintain separate colonies of dust mites, specifically Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, and D. farinae, as well as the storage mite, Blomia tropicalis. All mites are reared under optimal growth conditions of 25 C temperature and a relative humidity between 75 & 80 %. The mites are fed a culture media consisting of non-animal food sources. We specifically exclude food derived from animals (liver extract, fish meal, egg powder) as this may be problematic for humans allergic to these food sources if they should be administered an extract whose culture media was such. The mites are separated from their culture media by a mite isolator; a specially designed apparatus which uses heat to force the mites down and through a sieve away from the food source. This technique and apparatus has been patented through the Thai Patent Office in accordance with the Thai Patent Act of 1999.

Our culturing process has been very successful over the past 13 years. We have been able to produce large quantities of pure dust mite bodies for mite vaccine production and testing and have supplied our cultures to other laboratories on our campus as well as elsewhere. To achieve mass production, the stringent 'Quality Assurance Scheme' of dust mite cultivation has been implemented to guarantee that our products are of the highest purity and quality as certified by Acarologists and mite experts.

Our Quality Assurance Ratings have been high due to our strict adherence to the following guide lines which apply to all of our products

  • Pre-analysis. The culture rooms for each mite species are isolated and sealed to prevent contamination. Based on our research, the media are constituted in order to produce healthy, contaminated-free cultures in large quantities. The culture rooms, including relevant supplies and equipment, operate under clean aseptic conditions.
  • Analysis. All of the procedures involved in the development of cultures and subcultures as well as the harvesting techniques are designed to achieve the highest purity.
  • Post-Analysis. Species confirmation is performed after each harvesting step. Moreover, we have a highly effective waste management system to remove debris from all culture rooms, thereby preventing cross-contamination from other species as well as the environment.

To guarantee our mite products; a random sampling to check the morphology is carried out during culturing and at the final stage. This insures that the mites are identical and of the highest purity (up to 95-99%) and virtually free from contamination.

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