• Innovation

In order to expedite our research and product services, it has been necessary to invent/create newly designed equipment and apparatuses. These innovations have facilitated mite testing of fabrics, allowed mass culturing of various species of dust mites. Below are our innovation using for production of highly purified dust mites and anti-mite fabric testing, anti-mite agent testing This type of creativity was a necessity because there were no such devices available to us. They have greatly enhanced our research efforts and output

Dust Mite Cultivation

  • Mite culture media dispenser (manual) : Petty patent No. 1435
  • MU-Siriraj Mite Feed Formula : pending for patent
  • Dust mite culture flask
  • Automatic mite culture dispenser

Pure Mites Production

  • Mite Isolator : an apparatus for productivity the dispersal of mites independent of minute food particle : Patent No. 23451
  • Method for mite purification : Trade secret No. 3256

Dust Collection

  • Siriraj Dust Trap : Petty patent No. 3988

Mite Eradication

  • Anti-mite herbal spray : Trade secret No. 5214

Biology Study / Anti-Mite Fabric Testing

  • Siriraj Chamber : Patent No. 21441
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