• Anti-Mite Fabric Testing

Encasement of bedding is an accepted method for the control of house dust mites that is widely used. Many allergists follow guidelines recommending that patients fit mite proof covers to mattresses and pillows to reduce allergen exposure. However, there is insufficient research suggesting the best kind of anti-mite covers to be used. At present, there are many different types of encasing materials which claim to be either "mite-proof" or to provide a barrier to allergens on the market. These covers have been constructed utilizing different materials and principles that may affect their mite-proofing ability.

The Siriraj House Dust Mite Center for Services and Research has been in the forefront of testing the efficacy of potential anti-mite materials. Using our specifically designed and patented Siriraj Chamber, we have conclusively demonstrated the penetrability or barrier characteristics of different types of materials. These findings have recently been published in such high impact international-quality journals as the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Allergy, and also in local periodicals.

Such fabrics as tightly or loosely woven, non-woven, acaricide-coated and film-coated have all been tested in our Siriraj Chamber. It is our contention that any textile used for medical reasons should be laboratory tested for its protective, mite-proofing efficacy prior to being released onto the consumer market.

Our testing services have mainly focused on 2 criteria in order to evaluate whether a given fabric is indeed an anti-mite product: (a) the fabric must be able to prevent live mite penetration; (b) the test material must be able to block the movement of allergens either into or out of the encased bedding. To accomplish this, our service protocol consists of 6 tests involving both mite and non-mite assessments. These are: 1. the Siriraj Chamber Method, 2. the Heat-escape Method, 3. ELISA, 4 Air Permeability, 5. Dust Penetration and 6. Thread count (where applicable).

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