• Dust Analysis

In our everyday world, no matter where we go or where we live there is one unchanging reality: dust and dust mites are everywhere. They are in the schools. They are in the hotels. They are at the work place. They are in our houses, even clean houses. When the ambient temperature and relative humidity are optimal, and there is a plentiful food supply, house dust mites will thrive, grow and multiply. They will form colonies whose major habitat is mattresses, box springs, pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains, cushioned furniture like sofas or arm chairs, and even your child’s stuffed toys. Unfortunately, dust mites produce allergenic material in their waste or decomposing bodies which may worsen allergy symptoms while in bed or napping on your upholstered couch because you inhale significant amounts of dust-mite allergens during sleep. In such a high allergen environment, the risk of an acquired sensitivity to mite antigens may be magnified.

If you are concerned about the possibility of an unusual amount of house dust mites residing in your home, office or elsewhere, the Siriraj Dust Mite Center has a skilled and qualified mite team which will make home or office visits for the express purpose of collecting dust samples and analyzing them back in the laboratory. The most common dust collecting sites include mattresses, pillows, rugs, the bedroom floor, drapes or other suspected living/work areas. A final status report will be issued upon completion of testing with recommendations for dust mite avoidance.

The World Health Organization has indicated that more than 2-10 micrograms of allergen per 1 gm of dust will stimulate acute asthma. It is suggested that reducing or avoiding contact with dust mite allergens will relieve asthma patients’ symptoms. Therefore, knowing the amount of dust mite allergen in your surroundings will motivate effective cleaning activities and elucidate ways to prevent and eliminate the aggregation of house dust mites, thereby reducing the surrounding antigen levels.

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