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International House Dust Mite Workshop Course

SDMC is the first premier Center for studying house dust mites in Southeast Asia. Its original name was the House Dust Mites and Allergic Diseases' Research Project which established in 2001. Its operation encompasses three broad areas; viz. services, research and education. Our efforts focus on controlling house dust mites, on testing, analyzing, large scale producing dust mites and training of business or medical/scientific personnel.

Researchers…Entrepreneurs…Our Workshop on house dust mites is relevant to your special needs. Multiple- or single-day workshops are offered at various times of the year to inform and teach different aspects of the Acarology of dust mites. These may be geared towards the researcher interested in developing an experimental approach for the scientific study of dust mites or to the business person interested in learning control procedures and anti-mite products.

This course aims to (i) provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of house dust mites, and will cover the science of HDMs, how HDMs contribute to the development of allergies, as well as mite allergen measurements, efforts to control HDMs and available anti-mite products; (ii) equip trainees with specialized skills for potential research with HDMs. (iii)convey our research on the effectiveness of procedures for controlling dust mites.

By the end of the course attendants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of the biology, life cycle and cultivation of HDMs.
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the strategies involved in the control and eradication of HDMs as well as variety types of anti-mite products available in markets.
  • Carry out practical laboratory identification of the common dust mites.

Lectures: (in English)

  • The must to know on HDM research; Prevalence, clinical significance, biology, classification of HDM and Cultivation.
  • Collection of dust and basic techniques of dust analyses.
  • Mite allergen measurements; specific and non-specific tests for mite allergen detection in dust.
  • Laboratory assessment of anti-mite agents; chemical and natural products.
  • Assessments of the efficacy of anti-mite covers and Potential guidelines for materials used for anti-mite encasings.
  • Control techniques as temperature, vacuuming, air filtration, and encasing.
  • An overview of research design with examples from House Dust Mite studies.
  • Herbal medicine in controlling HDMs
  • There will be laboratory sessions following each day’s lecture presentations in which learners will receive hands-on training.

Registration and Fees, which do not include accommodations, must be paid before the workshop begins.
Certification, At the end of the course, all participants will receive a certificate of course completion. For more information and registration, please contact Assoc. Prof. Anchalee Tungtrongchitra (siact@mahidol.ac.th), Assistanc Prof. Nat Malainual (sinml@mahidol.ac.th), Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand Tel /Fax : (+66)-2-4181040

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